Mighty-Blade Process Heaters – Terminal Design


The following termination styles are available on Mighty-Blade Process Heaters. Specify the type configuration along with all specifications and application parameters when ordering. Dimensions will be provided on final design.

For 3 phase operation and with screw terminal design, Fig. R is standard with 10-32 stainless steel studs, nickel plated washers and nuts and with a ceramic insulator. Other thread sizes and materials are available. Consult Ogden.

The same screw terminal design as Fig. R, except Fig. S and Fig. T are for operation on single phase. When the 2 or 3 coil internal design is externally connected in series, the configuration would be Fig. S; in parallel, Fig. T.

A nickel plated, 1/4″ quick connect terminal is projection welded to element pins to provide repeated, rapid connections. Fig. X is for 2 or 3 coil internal design connected in series; Fig. Y in parallel. A ceramic insulator is required for Fig. X.

Fig. U is a nickel plated flag terminal projection welded at a right angle. 10-32 binding head screws provide easy side access for 3 phase operation. Fig. U includes a ceramic insulator.

The same flag terminal design as Fig. U, Fig. V and Fig. W are for single phase operation. Fig. V is for 2 or 3 coil connection in series; Fig. W in parallel.

A standard Mighty-Blade design is with 12″ TGGT leads and fiberglass sleeving for temperatures to 450°F/250°C. Specify longer length or Consult Ogden for lower or higher temperature requirements.
Mighty-Blade Terminals with Bushing

Fig. T with 10-32 stainless steel terminal – Single Phase
Fig. Y with 1/4″ quick connect terminal – Single Phase
Fig. W flag terminal with 10-32 screw – Single Phase
Fig. Z standard with 12″ TGGT leads – Single or Three Phase

The standard thread is 3/4-16 and is available in brass, steel or stainless steel. Mounting through walls and vessels is fast, rigid and leak-proof. A compressed gasket, washer and hex jam nut are included. A 7/8-14 bushing is also available in the same materials. All terminations with bushings are epoxy sealed.