Mighty-Miser Ceramic Band Heaters


flex4Typical applications are plastic molding, extrusion and molding presses. Ceramic band heaters are also used for pipe heating, heat treating and autoclaves or any application where there is a need to apply heat to a cylindrical surface.
Download-PDFMighty-Miser Ceramic Band Heaters Standard Products
Energy efficient, less power consumption
High sheath temperature capability up to 1600°F (Consult BigChief)
Thermally insulated
Uniform temperature
Flexible, easy to install and remove

Ceramic Fiber Insulation:
The standard insulation is 1/4″ thick to improve energy conservation 25% and more over non-insulated bands. 1/2″ thick insulation optional. In the Maxi-Miser design, an additional 1/2″ non-compressed layer of insulation is contained in a separate, flexible chamber for even greater energy savings.mm2
Maxi-Miser Insulation Chamber
Serrated Sheath:
Sheath material is resistant to heat and corrosion. Unique Serrations maximize flexibility, increase surface contact and provide easy opening and installation of the heater, eliminating the necessity of two piece band heaters up to 18″ in diameter.
Simplified Installation, Additional Energy Conservation:
Ceramic Band Heaters can be manufactured in widths much greater than what is practical in Mica Band Heaters, eliminating heat losses between gaps in narrow band heaters and simplifying installation.

Screw Terminals and Box Protection:


1/4-20″x 1″ threaded terminals are standard as in Fig. S or in terminal box as in Fig. B. Under 2″ width, terminals are parallel to circumference. Over 2″, terminals are perpendicular to circumference. Standard position is 180° from gap. Specify alternate position.


Braid or Conduit Protection:
To protect leads against abrasion, braided sleeve in Fig. L. is held in place by a clip. Conduit in Fig. A is connected to stand off bracket. Standard position is 180° from gap. Specify alternate position. Standard length is 12″ braid or cable with 14″ leads.


Overlap Flange:
For thermocouple probe hole located through gap as per Fig. F.


Fiberglass insulated lead wires held in place by a clip as per Fig. D. Standard position is 180° from gap. Specify alternate position.


Quick Disconnect Plug:
U.L. approved plugs can be attached with Bracket °Fig. P; Conduit °Fig. A and C; Braid Fig. L. Mighty-Miser Ceramic Band Heaters can also be supplied with #110 European Plug. Other plugs attached to leads are available.



Fig. E:Standard Mounting method on all configurations
Fig. R: Quick Release Clamp Assembly
1/4 – 20 screwAdditional Variations
Dual Voltage
• 3 phase
• Ground lead or terminal
• Stainless Steel shroud
• Partial coverage
• Oversize gap
• Boxes fitted with cable or braid
• Perforated shroud without insulation
mm1Spring Loaded Screw with°Fig. E Mounting Flange.

Fig. N: Quick Release Barrel Nut Assembly with 1/4 – 20 bolt

Heat Losses of Band Heaters


Mighty-Miser Ceramic Band Heaters Stock List

Width Width Watts Volts Fig. #’S Catalog Number
3 1-1/2 500 240 B CBE03A01J-00002
5-1/2 5 2000 230/460 B,F CBE05J05A-00024
8 3500 480 B,DI CBE05J08A-00025
6 5-1/2 2000 230/460 B CBE06A05J-00032
6 2000 230/460 B,F CBE06A06A-00034
6-1/2 1-1/2 1000 240 B CBE06J01J-00037
7-1/2 4-1/2 2000 240/480 B,F CBE07J04J-00049
6-1/2 2600 480 B,F CBE07J06J-00053
8 6-1/2 2600 480 B,F CBE08A06J-00058
9 5-1/2 3000 240/480 B,F CBE09A05J-00062
11 2 3000 240/480 S CBE11A02A-00069
11-1/4 6 3600 230/460 120″ A CBE11E06A-00071
12 6 4000 230/460 B,HOLE CBE12A06A-00074
6 5000 230/460 B, HOLE CBE12A06A-00075
15 6 8000 230/460 S, HOLE, F CBE15A06A-00079
6 8000 480 B CBE15A06A-00080
17-1/2 4 2600 240 B CBE17J04A-00081