Mighty-Tuff Terminations



Mighty-Tuff-Band-Heaters-Type-FHigh Temperature Leads
12″ long 850°F/450°C insulated lead wires are standard. Specify longer length. Also available with full length fiberglass sleeving.

Mighty-Tuff-Band-Heaters-Type-CArmor Cable Leads
Armor cable is the best protection for abrasion. 12″ cable and 14″ overall leads are standard.

Mighty-Tuff-Band-Heaters-MBLMetal Braided Leads
Double conductor metal braid provides excellent abrasion protection and flexibility. Standard Length is 12″ braid with 14″ overall lead wires. Specify additional length if required. Type P and Type R are available without metal braid.

Mighty-Tuff-Band-Heaters-PTPost Terminals
Type SG – Terminals at gap. Minimum width – 2″
Type SH – Terminals 180° from gap. Also available with 2″ H x 1-1/2″ W x 2″L terminal box.