Ogden Insertion Heaters Introduction

Ogden-insertion-heatersWhere an intense concentration of heat is required, the Mighty Watt, SST, QST and Maxi-Zone Insertion Heaters give OGDEN the broadest array of high density insertion heaters available. More than 700 stock Mighty Watt sizes and ratings along with the selection of Mighty Watt Plus terminations get many tens of thousands of possible cartridge heater variations shipped right away. SST and QST Split Sheath heaters are designed for applications where the hole is poorly drilled or worn through age. When energized, the segments expand, improving conductive heat transfer. When cool, the segments contract for easy removal. The Maxi-Zone Insertion Heater can produce 2000°F continuous temperatures. Independently controllable zones along the sheath length provide precise process temperatures. With the Mighty Watt, SST, QST and Maxi-Zone, OGDEN can supply the ideal heat source for any insertion heater application.