Process Heat & Control Systems

are the most versatile of all electric heating elements, capable of being formed into virtually any configuration to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces.


are mounted through tank walls using standard pipe couplings and are available in various sizes, heat capacities and sheath materials for heating oil, water or corrosive solutions. Built-in temperature control and terminal enclosures for special applications are available.


allows high kilowatt ratings without an increase in length or multiple mountings that would be required in screw plug heaters. Thermowell, housing and gasket are standard, with multiple circuit wiring and terminal enclosures for special applications available.


has greater surface area than standard round elements, allowing more wattage or lower watt densities. Deep fryers and steam equipment in the food service industry are typical applications, but many industrial processes can be improved using the Mighty-Blade.

are compact and efficient, contain a heater, tank and temperature control. Heating capacities from 1.5KW in several watt densities and sheath materials. Applications include fuel oil preheating, closed loop heat transfer systems, steam super heating, air or hot water storage tanks.



are used in tanks where flanged or screw plug heaters cannot be installed, portability is required or where heaters must be removed for cleaning without emptying the tank.


Incoloy sheath tubular heaters are mounted in a steel flange and installed in ductwork or an oven wall, providing air temperature up to 750°F/400°C in forced air applications such as recirculating ovens, combustion air preheating and high temperature drying.


Ogden can also supply specially designed heaters for unique applications, such as resin drying equipment or mold temperature controls.


BigChief can design and manufacture a complete skid mounted or packaged Process Heat and Control System for many applications in many industries. Versatility, along with very accurate process control capabilities has the popularity of electrically heated systems increasing versus larger combustion fired systems. Efficiency is superior in that the total immersion of the heat source converts all electric energy into heat energy. OGDEN Systems and Assemblies can be considered wherever large volumes are being heated or when a process requires a significant temperature rise. A combination of multiple heaters and staging controls can heat extreme quantities or volumes. State-of-the-art control system components provide extreme accuracy. Processes to be heated are not limited to liquids, but can include gasses and vapors. Process heating application requirements can be met by BigChief with a code-stamped vessel or a skid mounted assembly consisting of heaters, vessels, pumps or blowers, meters, piping, pressure or temperature sensors and all instrumentation. In-house manufacturing of ASME coded pressure vessels and UL and cUL Listed Control Panels and other certifications including CE can be provided. Advanced design, manufacturing and testing equipment add to BigChief’s extensive capabilities to meet varied process applications. From just a couple of kilowatts to megawatts of power, BigChief can supply everything from concept through manufacturing to delivery to start-up with single source responsibility. Some typical applications for OGDEN Process Heat and Control Systems…
Petroleum distillates
Fuel gas preheaters
and separators
Heat Transfer Systems
Combined gasses


Industries with requirements for OGDEN Process Heat and Control Systems…
Hydrocarbon Processing
Chemical Processing
Plastics and Textile Processing
Food Processing
Paper Mills
Construction Material Manufacturing


Materials heated by Ogden ProcessHeat and Control Systems include…

Hazardous Gasses
Hot Melt Glue
Synthetic Fiber
Fuel Oils
Petroleum Products
Carbon Products
Hydrocarbon Products
Corn Syrup
Food Grade Oils
Maple Syrup
Vegetable Oil
OGDEN systems are compactly designed, engineered to be efficient and thoroughly tested to perform to specifications. Located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, OGDEN’s production facility has CNC machine tools, ASME certified welders, paint booth, overhead cranes and all other equipment necessary for the manufacturing and assembly of large Process Heat and Control Systems. Advanced design software and an experienced engineering staff provide extensive technical support including calculations and drawings. All vessels are hydro tested, all components are thoroughly tested to specification, then the entire system is tested under power before shipment. Materials ranging from mild carbon to exotic alloys are often specified. The selection is based upon temperature, pressure, corrosion considerations, and metallurgical properties. Heat treating for stress relief, passivation, cathodic protection, specialized welding or machining can be provided. Skid mounted heating assemblies are turnkey systems. Heater connections and control wiring are complete. Installation is reduced to offloading, setting the unit in place at the site, and providing process and electrical connections. Extensive experience in control application and in the manufacturing and application of tubular heater products gives OGDEN the capability to design and supply Process Heating Systems for the most difficult and unusual applications imaginable.
260kW, 3-stage system heats a gaseous hydrocarbon mixture in a refinery. To protect the termination from excessive temperatures due to the heated flow being directed toward the flange, a stand-off design of the terminal enclosure was used. The control panel is remote from the system.
400kW, 2 stage Circulation System and Control Panel to heat 33gpm of water to 130°F prior to delivery to steam boiler in electric power plant
36kW fully enclosed heat transfer system. The system includes framework, circulation heater, buffer and expansion tanks, pump, interconnection piping, isolation valves and control panel.
425kW, 2 stage system used to superheat steam prior to delivery to a turbine generator. The system was used temporarily during a boiler repair, but was eventually moved for full time use.
This 12kW Heat Transfer System heats a food grade oil in a closed loop system. The oil is pumped through jacketed pipes and tanks to maintain ingredient temperatures in a food processing plant. Features include a 125gpm pump, 20 gallon expansion tank, sight glass, isolation valve and shut-off valves.
25kW explosion proof, portable system for heating nitrogen to 250°F for a process at the Kennedy Space Center.
Air is heated to 1400°F with this 4 stage, 170kW system. The vertical mounting was designed to occupy minimal floor space.
140kW system heats methyl chloride from -70°F to 100°F. The control is critical because of the nature of the application and the material being heated. The panel is UL Listed and the circulation heater certified to ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes.
This 60kW fluid heat transfer system is designed for application temperatures to 650°F. Options included are sight gauges and pressure gauges.
Each of these 320kW systems was designed to heat deionized water to 375°F. The system is pressurized to prevent the water from flashing to steam. The panel provides staging control, a variable speed drive for the pump, and power and control wiring.
83kW system heats combustion make-up air in a cogenerative application. Burner efficiency and combustion by-products are tested based on different temperatures of make-up air.
This 72kW system heats high volume of air to 1000°F. The air is piped to a nuclear reactor core, then returned to be reheated and continues on in a closed loop. The heated air keeps a bed of salt molten. The molten salt then cools the rods that contain the radioactive material.

Common process variables to be sensed and controlled are temperature, pressure, flow and level. Control Systems are supplied as part of the skid assembly or remote from the system. Only external line, load and sensor connections are necessary as the panel is completely wired and ready to install. Besides temperature, OGDEN can also design and supply Control Panels for other control processes using PLC’s and other components. UL and cUL Listing can be provided. The panel generally consists of a NEMA 4X or NEMA XII enclosure for floor, skid or wall mounting. Components are determined by specification, and can consist of the following:Process Control – Control results are virtually perfect using OGDEN ETR Controls with Smarter Logic. A wide range of sizes and features provide the ideal control for any process. The ETR can accept input from all thermocouples, RTD’s, and many devices with a current or voltage signal. Certain models have a NEMA 4X rating for applications requiring wash down or for corrosive atmospheres. For controls with a serial communications port, OGDEN-Link Communications Software allows multiple controls to be networked and remotely programmed from a host computer. OGDEN controls and panels can also be linked with other industrial software or Distributed Control Systems. The ETR-3 FM Approved limit control provides protection to the heat source and the process.

Other Panel Components:
Properly sized SCR power or stepper controls, solid state relays
or other load switching devices
Motor starters for pumps
Panel annunciators
Primary and secondary fusing, circuit breakers, terminal
blocks, transformers
Fan, filter or heat sink
Panel lights, switches, buttons or indicators

Before manufacturing, BigChief will provide required drawings with a bill of materials, general arrangement, skid and vessel drawings with code calculations, electrical and panel schematics, component data sheets and tests to be performed. Any other application or design calculations will also be supplied. An Operation Manual is included upon delivery of the system.
OGDEN is also a world class manufacturer of component heater, sensor and control products. OGDEN’s complete catalog is a resource of information for specifying process electric heat and control products. In use in tens of thousands of industr