Process Heat & Control Systems

Fluid heat transfer systems are complete and ready to be installed providing exact and uniform temperatures. These systems contain a heater, solid-state controls, pump, valves, and necessary piping to pump heat transfer fluid. Suitable for closed-loop heating of platens dies, and molds, jacketed vessels, and tanks, revolving rolls, or for heating of viscous chemicals or petrochemicals to maintain pumping temperatures or for freeze protection. The correct ratio of flow rate versus kilowatt rating assures continuous and consistent process temperatures.

  • Can be used with most heat transfer fluids to 450°F/230°C maximum operating temperature.
  • Low-watt density heating elements are welded into a 150 Ib. ASA steel flange and mounted in an all-welded steel chamber.
  • Horizontal mounting of the heating chamber eliminates air contamination and manual venting.
  • A buffer tank is provided between the heating chamber and expansion tank to help prevent the degradation of heat transfer fluid.
  • Expansion tank above buffer tank for cold oil, vented to the atmosphere with sight glass.
  • Inlet and outlet connection equipped with manually operated valves should the system need to be isolated from the process.
  • 2″ insulation with a metal jacket on all piping.
  • Flexible stainless steel hoses on suction and discharge of the pump to absorb vibration.
  • Rotary gear pump with by-pass for temperatures to 450°F/230°C. Mechanical seal eliminates constant dripping associated with standard “wet seal” pumps.
  • In-line rotary gear reducer reduces noise in the system and maintains the pump below 500 RPM for long life.
  • Vacuum and suction gauges are installed in the system.
  • Thermocouple well assembly installed in outlet for process control.
  • Thermocouple installed on heater sheath for overheat protection.
  • NEMA Xll Control Panel.
  • Door mounted disconnect handle, motor and heater pilot lights, and switches.
  • Indicating electronic temperature control.
  • Pump circuit separately fused with full voltage non-reversing motor starter.
  • Electronic high-limit control with separate safety contactors and an illuminated reset button.

When requesting information or
for quoting, please include:
  • Type of fluid being heated
  • Maximum operating temperature
  • The pressure required for a portion of system being connected to fluid heat transfer system
  • Amount of fluid in total system
  • Standard Products
    (PDF file – 7k)


  • Constructed for temperatures up to 650°F/350°C
  • 300 lb. or greater construction
  • NEMA IV or NEMA VII construction
  • Controls separate for remote mounting
  • Backup pump
  • Water or air cooling
  • Time-Temperature programming control
  • Level control on the expansion tank
  • Zero fired SCR power control provides accurate temperature control and reduces watt density during normal operation