Strip Heaters and Mini-Tubular Heaters Introduction
For tanks, platens and other surface heating applications, freeze and moisture protection in control cabinets, and infinite other industrial and commercial applications, OGDEN Strip Heaters offer outstanding performance in the most demanding situations. The HD Strip Heater’s highly compressed refractory material provides uniform temperatures and long life in thousands of applications, including convective air heating. Adding fins increases the surface area to allow higher wattages. A thin profile and extreme watt density capabilities of Mighty-Tuff Strip Heaters provide high temperatures with quick responses for conductive surface heating processes. Mica Strip Heaters are the most economical of all strip heater types. Applications in commercial cooking and vending equipment are typical. The Channel Heater’s seamless design can provide high process temperatures. With certain configurations, Channel Heaters can be contamination proof. With the HD, Mighty-Tuff, Mica Strip and the Channel Heaters, OGDEN can supply the perfect heat source for any strip heater application.