GRD Rupture disks

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Rupture disks, also known as burst plugs or soft plugs, are used for emergency pressure relief of an extruder.They are designed to instantaneously rupture at a specific pressure. This provides reliable relief in applications where rapid pressure buildup can occur, protecting both personnel and equipment. For maximum life, the recommended pressure rating is >=1.4 times normal operating pressure. Do not exceed the high-pressure specification.

  • Ranges from 2500 psi (170 bar) to 12000 psi (827 bar)
  • Rated to 750°F (400°C)
  • Two length options
  • Low installation and maintenance
  • Stainless-steel body and Inconel diaphragm (disk)

CT Mounting Hole Cleaning Tool Kit

The Cleaning Tool Kit is used to remove excess plastic from transducer mounting holes prior to installation. Installation of transducers into plugged and/or dirty mounting holes is a major cause of installation-related damage. The Cleaning Tool Kit allows the mounting hole to be properly cleaned and checked for integrity.Cleaning tools are available for 1/2-20 mounting holes (CT12) and M18x1.5 mounting holes (CT18). Note: The cleaning tool should be used when the polymer is molten. Care must be taken not to exceed the specified torque rating (125 inch-pounds) so as to not damage the tool.

KF Drill kit

A properly machined mounting hole is vital to optimal operation of a melt pressure transducer or transmitter. Poorly machined holes can result in damage that causes unreliable output or even total failure.The transducer mounting hole drill kit contains the necessary drill bits and taps needed to machine a standard transducer mounting hole, including a special pilot drill required to machine the 45 degree seat. Drill kits are available for the 1/2-20 mounting hole (KF12) and the M18x1.5 mounting hole (KF18)

Extension cables (6-pin and 8-pin)

Use to connect Gefran ISI, Inc. transducer to indicators