Transducer Simulator – Module Interface


CMI Can-open module interface for non-amplified transducers

The CAN OPEN module interface for non-amplified transducers has been developed to acquire low level signals from strain gage bridges (load cells, pressure transducers) and to convert them in digital format according to standard CAN OPEN DSP 404.

Available on plastic version.

This module makes it easier to create the CAN nets using sensors and standard transducers and reduces on wiring costs.

This is the ideal solution for retrofitting or for upgrading for systems and machineries.

  • CAN OPEN DSP 404 Module interface
  • Resolution 16 bit
  • Input signal from extensometric bridge
  • DIN bar connection
  • Plastic case
  • Electrical connections by terminal board
  • LED for status signal or error signal


TS3 3.3 mV/V Transducer Simulator

The TS3 simulates the output of a Gefran mV/V melt pressure transducer (M3 and W3 series) at various pressure levels. The TS3 simulates any strain gage-based transducer and is available in either a 6-pin (TS36) or 8-pin (TS38) version.

  • Better than +/-0.25% FSO accuracy (+/-0.05 mV/V
  • Economically priced
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use
  • Internal bridge resistance of 350°
  • Internal 80% FSO R-Cal standard
  • Optional certification availableGTP (advanced protection)