Static Controls

Static Elimination in the Plastics Industry

In the presence of static electricity, materials can stick to or repel each other and dust or contaminates can attract to equipment surfaces and products. This static causes interrupted production, slowed production speeds, decreased product quality, increased rejects, and personnel may experience electrostatic shock.

TAKK static elimination products are designed and engineered to handle the toughest, most costly static electricity problems:

  • Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Printing on Plastics
  • Unwinding, Rewinding, Sheeting of Plastics
  • Blow Molding
  • Extruding
  • Packaging
  • Secondary operations – cutting, trimming, routing, stacking & destacking

Benefits of TAKK static elimination products:

  • Operate machines at higher speeds with fewer malfunctions
  • Process materials more efficiently with fewer rejects and less waste
  • Prevent soiling contamination of products by dust particles
  • Protect machine operators from shocks or more serious injury
  • Significantly improve product quality

Static Eliminator Bars

Ion-Edge Model 400T & 400T Air Bar
Compact, Effective and Economic

  • Delivers high positive and negative ion output with an effective static elimination range of 7 inches or greater from the target surface
  • Compact design allows for operation in areas where space is limited
  • Resistively coupled shockless emitters for maximum performance, neutralizing at high speeds and high charges
  • Compressed air tube extends the effective static elimination range of to 8 feet; also allows for part and surface blow-off, eliminating dirt and dust contamination
  • Available from 2″ to 120″ in 1″ increments

IonStorm XR2 System
Extended range with adjustable voltage, frequency and polarity

  • Powerful field of ionization -extended range from a distance up to 36″
  • Adjust and lock the voltage, frequency and polarity of the ion stream for the exact level of static elimination needed
  • Available in 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″, 50″, 60″, 70″, 80″, 90″, 100″, 110″ lengths
  • Multiple units may be connected and powered by a single standard electrical source
  • Simple and flexible installation for a variety of applications
  • Eliminates static at the highest machine speeds and under confined conditions

Jupiter Model 3100
Advanced long range static control system
  • Intelligent ionization technology provides unrivaled static neutralization performance at distances up to 60″
  • Very fast static decay performance
  • All control and high voltage parts are internal and encapsulated fro reliability and safety
  • Intelligent ionization monitors emitter current and employs a feedback control system to compensate for varying operational conditions to optimize performance
  • Available in 24″, 30″, 40″, 50″, 60″ and 70″ lengths

Anti-Static Copper Tinsel

Proven through decades of success to be the most effective low cost, low maintenance passive static electricity eliminator available!

TAKK tinsel is of high quality 100% copper construction. The core is made of copper wire to ensure positive grounding and strength. Fine, sharply pointed copper strands provide greater static elimination. The highly conductive strands are interspersed to maximize effectiveness, but are not so dense as to make it easy to collect dust and particles.

Static Eliminator Blowers & Blow-off

Vortex Blower
Provides a Large Volume of Ionized Air

  • Projects a large and ultra effective stream of ionized air for static elimination up to a distance of 10 feet
  • Economic, quiet and free of emission hazards
  • Compact, self-contained, including power supply and controls; plugs into an AC power source
  • Air velocity created by a centrifugal blower; no compressed air supply is needed

Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife
Static Elimination with Blow-off

  • Combines the positive and negative ion output (Model 400T Bar) with a hard hitting curtain of air (Super Air-Knife) for web, sheet and part blowoff
  • Quiet, efficient way to clean, dry, cool or prep webs, conveyors, sheets or parts
  • Using a small amount of compressed air it pulls in large volumes of surrounding air to produce a high flow concentration of air
  • Amplification ratios (entrained air to compressed air) are 40:1
  • Standard Lengths 6″ to 60″ in 6″ increments -custom sizes available

Precision Point Ionizer with Air Nozzle
Precision Static Elimination/Contaminant Blow-off for Small Objects

  • Produces a large volume of ionization for eliminating high charges of static even at high production speeds
  • Effectively eliminates static electricity from small objects such as shrink sleeves, trim, tapes, narrow webs, etc.
  • Air Nozzle extends the effective range up to 6″ from target and combines the static elimination with compressed air removal of dust and contaminants

Static Generation

Static Generators & Charging Bars, Pinners, Edgers
A Low Cost Method of Temporary Adhesion -Effective, Simple, Clean

Creates the bonding force of positive and negative ions (static electricity) in a wide variety of manufacturing and processing operations. This effective production tool offers you a means of temporarily bonding or holding-in-place various similar or dissimilar materials, without the use of glue, double-sided tape or mechanical strapping devices.

  • Use solid state electronics and high frequency switching technology for stability and reliability
  • 30kV/2ma available for continuous output
  • Connections for 2 bars, pinners, or edgers – add additional units with external junction box
  • Available in positive and negative polarities
  • Independently programmable voltage and current limits with large digital displays
  • Easy to sue remote interface with automatic selection of local or remote control
  • Application include in-mold labeling, web laminating, web splicing, etc.



Static Detection

Static Meter
Quickly investigate and analyze static problems

  • Investigate and analyze static problems scientifically -meter shows where and how the static is generated, its magnitude and polarity
  • Facilitates the most effective positioning of static control equipment and enables you to monitor equipment performance
  • Accurate, stable, easy to use, quick response
  • Quickly registers negative and positive static electricity charges of up to 200,000 Volts on surfaces at a recommended distance of 4″