High Temperature Wire Harness


High Temperature Wire Harness (PDF)

Tempco’s High Temperature Ceramic Insulated Wire Harnesses are designed from the ground up starting with specially selected High Temperature Alloy Wire chosen for its ability to carry the rated current at the required temperature and provide long life.

  • Ceramic beads are used for making turns and to provide flexibility at the terminal area.
  • Solid ceramic pieces are used for straight runs.
  • Ceramic terminal blocks are used for lead connections.
Ordering Information
Send all requirements, drawings or samples to Big Chief for a fully detailed quote proposal that will meet your requirements. Standard lead time is typically 2 weeks.
Are You having Problems With Your Wire Harnesses In High Temperature Applications
Tempco has the design experience in the plastics industry and the manufacturing capability to handle your OEM requirements for many types of wire harness.Due to our many years of manufacturing electric heaters, we are very familiar with the problems high temperature environments can cause to wiring and connectors.We have the solutions to your difficult wiring applications!Tempco High Temperature Harness Wire
  • Injection Molding Barrel
  • Plastic Extrusion Barrel
  • Aircraft Industry Composite Resin Lamination
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Furnaces
  • Ovens
  • Heat Treatment
  • Foundry Industry
Services Rendered
  • Custom Harness Manu-facturing
  • Contract Assembly & Manufacturing
  • Automatic Cut & Strip
  • Wire Processing
  • Automatic & Hand Termination
  • Wire Bundling: Fiberglass Tape, Metal Strapping, Tie Wraps
  • Individual Wire ID Markings
Materials Used
  • Specially Selected High Temperature Conductors
  • UL and CSA Rated Wire
  • High Temperature Insulation
  • 600-Volt Gated Insulation
  • Sleeving and Tubing
  • Armor and Braid
  • UL and CSA Rated Connectors
  • Multi-Pin Connectors