Tempco Heaters, Sensors, Controls Manufacturer

Established in 1972, Tempco is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of custom heating elements and thermocouples for hundreds of applications in thousands of design variations. The possibilities are endless!

At Tempco we engineer and manufacture at the highest level, whether your application needs Heating, Temperature Controlling, or Temperature Sensing. Many of our products were original developments in the industry, for which Tempco holds patents. In early 1982, we set up a modern full-service nonferrous foundry and machine shop for making aluminum and bronze cast-in heaters, utilizing the permanent mold and no-bake sand processes.

Today our labor force consists of over 400 employees, and annual sales are in the millions. We are proud to say that our products our manufactured right here in the USA. Our products are sold nationally and internationally through a network of sales representatives and distributors and through our own distribution centers located in southern California and Mexico City.