Tempco Coil and Cable Heaters

Coil and Cable Heaters

The flexibility of mineral insulated cable allows the Mightyband® heater to be coiled, formed, wrapped around pipes or used straight. It can also be cast into metal or welded onto machine component parts.

Common Applications

  • Cartridge Heater Style Heaters
  • Duct Heaters
  • Gas or Air Heaters
  • Gas (Oxygen) Analyzer Heaters and Probes
  • Heated Injection Machine Nozzles
  • Lab Equipment
  • Machine Components
  • Pipe Heaters
  • Silicone Wafer Processing
  • Sprue Bushing in Runnerless Molding
  • Tempco Bulk Round Heater Cable

    Bulk Round Heater Cable

    There are two choices of potting compounds for the lead wire terminations. Either cement potting for a high temperature application or high temperature epoxy for 450°F (232°C) maximum temperature. Also, there are three major choices of lead wires: M1 ­— TGGT (Teflon® tape, fiberglass, Teflon® treated fiberglass overbraid) insulated lead wire for 482°F (250°C). M2­ — Teflon® insulated lead wire, which is normally potted with a high temperature epoxy rated 450°F (232°C) M3­ — MGT (mica tape, Teflon® treated fiberglass overbraid) insulated lead wire for 842°F (450°C).

    Tempco Cast Bronze Nozzle Heater Bushings

    Cast Bronze Nozzle Heater Bushings

    Tempco’s cast bronze nozzle heater bushings eliminate uneven temperature profiles and short heater life; their precision machining also eliminates poor fit and the need for clamping bands, while providing maximum heat transfer. The built-in thermocouple in either Type J or K gives exceptional temperature control when connected to a Tempco TEC controller. The thermocouple has as standard an ungrounded junction located in the center of the width, which helps eliminate stray EMFs caused by the heater. A grounded junction at the end is optional.

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    Tempco Gamma Series Dual Sleeve Mini-Coil Heaters

    Gamma Series Dual Sleeve Mini-Coil Heaters

    • ID Tolerance: ± .0005″
    • Wall Thickness: 0.130″
    • Lead Wires: 72″ long Teflon® insulated
    • Cold leads: 5″ and 7″ standard
    • Resistance Tolerance: ± 2%
    • Watt Density: Over 100 w/sq.in. possible

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    Tempco Mightyband™ Coil Heaters

    Mightyband™ Coil Heaters

    Used in operations involving heating of cylindrical-shaped surfaces for temperatures up to 1800°F (982°C) where precise temperature control is essential. The design incorporates a built-in thermocouple, with a grounded junction terminating at the end of the cable opposite to the lead end. The built-in thermocouple and the overall low mass construction provide quick response for positive temperature control.

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    Tempco Mini-Coil Band Heaters

    Mini-Coil Band Heaters

    Tempco’s Mini-Coil Band Heaters are designed and manufactured under the tightest tolerances so that they may be used in hot runner/runnerless injection mold tooling with complete confidence on maintaining the manufacturer’s original balanced heating when using a minimum of thermocouples and temperature control zones.

    • ±2% Resistance Tolerance
    • 5″ and 7″ Staggered Cold Lead Length
    • 72″ Insulated Lead Wire Length White/Black for 250W and White/Red for 125W

    Tempco-Pak Cable Heaters

    Tempco-Pak Cable Heaters

    Generally speaking, there is very little temperature difference between the sheath and heater wires. Tempco recommends not exceeding 150 watts per square inch of sheath surface area with the sheath operating temperature at 1000°F (537°C) or less. As temperature increases above 1000°F, the maximum watt density should be decreased. The maximum recommended operating temperature is 1800°F (982°C) with Inconel® 600 sheath and ANSI Type K thermocouple if required.

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