Central Chillers TTOACS Series

Air-Cooled. Great for New Start-Up Installations or Expansion of Existing Systems.

Temptek TTOACS

TTAOCS Series chillers are designed for outdoor installation in many climates. The fully charged air-cooled refrigerant chiller, and pump tank station are packaged in a single frame that minimizes costly field installation.

The refrigerant circuits include scroll or rotary screw compressors, shell & tube or brazed plate evaporators, capacity control system, and integral air-cooled condensers. The integral pump tank station includes a high flow process pump. Select models also include a dedicated evaporator pump.

  • Designed For Outdoor Installation
  • Single or Multiple Refrigeration Zones
  • Microprocessor Control Instrument
  • 5 – 130 Tons Capacity
  • Integral Air-Cooled Condenser
  • Fluid Temperatures of 20°F – 70°F


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