Pump Tank Stations PPT Series

Polyethylene. Systems Can Be Customized to Meet ANY Need.

Temptek Polyethylene Reservoir

The PPT Series pump tank station is very space efficient. It uses the vertical dimension for water storage, and uses an integral pump platform deck to minimize floor space footprint. The high flow, high turbulent pumps offer maximum heat transfer across the process. The patent pending reservoir is a seamless, one piece rotationally molded polyethylene reservoir. This reservoir is rust and corrosive free, and will not degrade, regardless of water quality. Pump assemblies are mounted on a structural steel deck and attached to the tank via flexible connectors. This pump tank is designed and engineered for round-the-clock operations with minimal service, providing maximum return on investment.

  • Capacities From 450 – 3000 Gallons
  • Tower or Chilled Water Systems
  • Pumps from 2 – 60 HP
  • Flows from 40 – 1250 GPM
  • Seamless Rotational Molded Reservoir
  • 10 Year Tank Warranty


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