Finned Heaters


Finned Tubular Heaters

  • Fins increase heat transfer surface area allowing higher wattage in the same space requirement of non-finned units
  • Available in .312″,.375″,.430″,.475″and.625″ element diameter
  • 2 fin diameter selections
  • Continuous spiral fins of steel with rust and corrosion protection to 850°F/455°C
  • Five turns per linear inch of element
  • 38, 50 and 67 watts per square inch
  • Standard terminal is Fig.1 – any terminal design available
  • Stainless steel fins and Stainless steel element available for operation to 1200°F/650°C. Incoloy sheath and fins are available in some diameters for additional protection in high temperature processes

Element Diameter Standard Fin Outside Diameter Small Fin Outside Diameter

Single Ended Finned Tubular Heaters

Single ended finned tubular heaters are available in steel sheath with steel fins, and in stainless steel sheath with stainless steel fins. Simplifying wiring without bending provides advantages over standard finned tubular heaters in some applications. 4-5 continuous spiraled fins per inch are permanently furnace brazed to the sheath. Available in .475″ diameter element (1.1875″ fin diameter) and .625″ diameter element (1.375″ fin diameter).