Visual Heater Survey

The Visual Heater Survey is a comprehensive overview of the heaters, thermocouples, transducers, and other spare parts that are on your specific plastics machinery. Big Chief will send an engineer to your facility to measure and identify these parts and then catalog them in an easy-to-use quick reference guide. The survey can include photographs of the parts on the machine and will include Big Chief part numbers for easy ordering.

Benefits include:

  • Identification of parts for each machine/line eliminating the confusion of actual parts required.
  • Ability to determine accurate stocking levels based on actual parts and usage.
  • Elimination of dead stock for machinery that is no longer in the facility.
  • Part numbers allow for easy and accurate ordering.
  • Ability to customize reports, standardize/consolidate parts, and create emergency inventory plans.

Please call for a quote for your facility.

Click on images for full-size sample reports.

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blown film
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